Effen Raspberry Vodka

We recently had the good fortune of tasting a new flavor of booze, Effen Raspberry Vodka!

The first thing we noticed was how incredibly aromatic the raspberry is. It. Smells. Good. Like, seriously good enough to pour a glass to use as an air freshener. This vodka is definitely top shelf quality. Effen claims it is smooth enough to drink straight up and they are not lying. We happily enjoyed ours unchilled and without a chaser. The raspberry flavor is clean and the hints of sweet vanilla do not drag down the crispness. We look forward to getting some more and trying it as a base for some cocktails (think Dirty Shirleys, Raspberry Lemon Drops, or even a simple vodka with Sprite or soda).

Love them or hate them, flavored or infused liquors are a thing, and they are probably here to stay. Most are syrupy sweet or chemically astringent. If this raspberry is any indication of the rest of the line, then Effen’s flavored offerings are an exception to that norm and clear example of how to do it right.

~ 9 out of 10 ~

Comparable to Ciroc Red Berry