Jameson Caskmates

Sometimes the best creations come through cooperation. Apparently Irish whiskey is no exception. The result of cooperation with craft breweries in Ireland, Jameson has created these Caskmates editions. In both the IPA and Stout editions the process starts by aging Jameson in the traditional barrels, which are then sent to the brewery where they are used to create an aged beers. After some time the flavor exchange creates better beer, and leaves the barrel with hints of the flavors therein. These barrels are shipped back to Jameson, who then refills them with Jameson and leaves them to rest for a finishing period. The results are more flavorful and complex, both are delicious and very worth trying.

IPA Edition –

A softer, more gentle version of Jameson. The notes in the nose, are very floral and crisp, a very fall friendly flavor, almost you could expect like walking though an apple orchard. The taste is more citrus forward with a little bite and spice on the finish that doesn’t linger nearly long enough.

Stout Edition –

This is a bigger more full flavored Jameson, The nose is rich and full of sugary, chocolate and caramel aroma. This leads into an equal rich taste. The first sips wrap the tongue in smooth sweet notes of oak and cocoa. This was my favorite of the 2 caskmates editions, mostly due to its complexity, sweetness, and finish.

Both are fairly readily available, and are priced in the $32-$37 price range. Highly recommended for any liquor shelf, it allows for a bit more adventure, experimentation, and conversation than the Jameson you usually buy.