Jim Beam Double Oak

For Whiskey Wednesday, we sampled a recently released bourbon,  Jim Beam Double Oak

This whiskey was a decent but not exceptional blend of flavor and smoothness. As a mid-priced call whiskey it competes in price with the likes of Makers Mark and Jim Beam’s own “Jim Beam Black” with a flavor profile somewhere between the two. I think this puts Jim Beam Double Oak in the unfortunate position of not standing out as a lighter more herbaceous whiskey or as a darker smoky aged one. This whiskey does not boast a strong woody aroma but definitely has an oaky flavor on the back end. Due to its heavier flavors it’s probably best as a sipping whiskey (neat or as we preferred with light rocks), but could probably hold up to a light mixer like soda or 7. All in all a decent whiskey but not one we’d choose off the shelf for our own bar.

~ 6 out of 10 ~