Let’s talk Midori!

This bright green Japanese melon flavored liqueur, like most, is fairly low in alcohol content, just over 20% abv (42 proof) always pops up on cocktail menus twice a year, once for St. Patricks and again around Halloween but is one of our favorites for summertime because it makes a refreshingly fruity drink that sips well poolside or at a bbq.

The base for Midori is made from grain neutral spirits (with a bit of brandy). It’s signature flavor is derived from a several varieties of sweet Japanese melons and more similar to honeydew or cantaloupe than watermelon, and the color (sad to say) is mostly food coloring.

Midori (the Japanese word for green) was the brand name added to Suntory’s Hermes Melon liqueur when it began selling in the United States in 1978. That same year it was featured in the cocktail that won the US Bartender’s Guild championships “the Universe” by tiki cocktail legend Bobby Batugo.

Midori is a very sweet and heavy. Tastes great as an accent flavor and works well as a float for a sour or cream drink but can be a bit too much on it’s own. If you’re looking for a sweet summery sipper try it with rum (Bacardi silver is our favorite) and sprite/7up.

Image courtesy of Brenda Lewis Gomez, via SCVhistory.com