Slow & Low “Rock and Rye”

This Whiskey Wednesday we give you thoughts on
Slow and Low “Rock and Rye”

This intriguing concoction is more of a ready to drink cocktail in a bottle than whiskey and so is a bit off of our usual tasting track. That being said the blend of whiskey with orange, bitters and sugar is a tasty little spin on the classic old fashioned and is noticeably smooth and easy to drink.

It was said by the bartender serving us this round that it was essentially a “Old Fashioned in a glass” and we think that may be just a bit of an oversell. Slow and Low hides its depth of flavor well, not revealing the sweet fruitiness to the nose, but once tasted is actually quite complex with good lingering flavors, the only real detraction was that the pour comes out perhaps a bit too sweet.

Slow and Low is inspired by a bottled “Rock and Rye” tonic made by Hochstadler’s and claims a heritage dating back to 1884. Cooper Spirits, a company based in Pennsylvania, has revived the recipe and produces the hooch in bottles and cans for a new generation of boozers..

~ 7 out of 10 ~

Comparable to Jack Daniel’s Tennesee Honey or Southern Comfort