Basil Hayden Dark Rye

A strong foundation of Kentucky Rye, blended with hints of smooth Canadian Rye, and finished with a bit of sweet California Port create a very interesting flavor profile in this complex offering from Basil Hayden’s.

The nose on this whiskey is subtle and sweet, with oak undertones. Once tasted the profile is very different, most of the oakiness falls away leaving fruity sweetness, and a mellow spice that carries though to a very mellow, and lasting decidedly rye finish. I love the Basil Hayden brand but this offering seems to fall a bit short. My closing opinion is that all in all this whiskey is good, and has huge potential for mixing and cocktailing, but isn’t really strong enough to stand on it’s own.

Available almost everywhere, and priced around $45, this whiskey is worth looking at if you want to change up your manhattans and old fashion game, but not worth adding to your selection of sippers.